Natural Remedy for Sore Throat

Have you been feeling a little under the weather? I know I did last week and it sucked! This is what I did to help the pain on my throat throughout the whole war with the cold. It can be horrible timing with the weather changing and temperatures going up and down. Keep this natural remedy to keep in your household for any other sicknesses.

natural herbal remedies

You will need: Ginger, Hot Water, Honey, Lemon, and Slices of Citrus (Orange or Lemon)

First, get a boiling kettle. Fill it to the half way point. After letting it boil, add in some thin slices of ginger.

Second, let it boil for 15 minutes on low temperature, just barely simmering. The smell usually gets really intense by now.

Then you will let it cool down for a bit and fix in some honey along with the citrus slices. Mix that in really good, give it a stir every 5 minutes until it cools off to warm temperature. You don’t want to drink this too hot and burn your mouth and throat.

Note: You could also add in some herbal teabags or any other herbs that can be smoothing like mint leaves would of been perfect for this situation.

This recipe is used all the time at my household and I hope you enjoy this better than taking cough medicine that could even make your throat worse. Keep let me know if you have any good recipes such as this or suggestions to this recipe. This is one of my top natural remedies for curing a sore throat and has been working for me for years. You make changes and make it taste however you want, the ginger can be over powering at first. If you like this or want more posts like this, please drop a comment!

Top Natural and Herbal Remedies

Our current generation wants to take everything the easy way out. Especially when it’s related to your health. Some people don’t even consider taking a natural alternative but instead doing something quicker and way be harmful for your body. You don’t have to be skinny or muscular to be healthy, it’s how your body and wellness is maintained. In this blog, I will be updating with related information to use natural herbal remedies before you do anything else. Supplements and vitamins are a great way to maintain your levels of vitamins your taking in daily. I recently purchased Milk Thristle from iHerb to maintain and detox my liver. Some people just need the extra supplements to boost your dose because my body may need it more than others. Your body might not ingest everything that your body needs on a daily routine as well. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be easily started by regularly working out as well. Working out can be time consuming for some people or just too busy. This can be reflected by someone’s job or lifestyle, it’s actually really hard maintaining a healthy body when you run a busy life.

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